The Camping and Caravanning Club has partnered with Bailey of Bristol to renew its fleet of manoeuvring caravans, and offer both first-timers and experienced caravanners the chance to brush up on their towing skills and ensure safer journeys on the road.

The 12 new tourers, all from Bailey’s award-winning Pursuit range, will be sited at the Club’s accredited training centres across the UK. They will be used by members to gain practical towing experience as part of the Club’s caravan manoeuvring courses.Club Care, the Club’s insurance provider, has committed to the long term sponsorship of the caravans and of the Club’s manoeuvring courses.

The caravans will be used by non-members at the Club’s hugely popular ‘Towing Experience’ initiatives, which run at major industry shows and offer first-time caravanners a chance to try towing on the open road.

Both schemes reflect the Club’s ongoing commitment to champion safer caravanning, and to building the skill and confidence of caravanners.

The manoeuvring courses are led by friendly and professional driving instructors, and are split into two tiers. Caravan owners need to bring their own car fitted with a tow bar, and will then be paired with a suitable caravan from the brand-new Bailey fleet.

The beginners course covers how to safely load a caravan, how to level it, how to hitch and unhitch, and includes tips on manoeuvring through a slalom course. It also includes a one-to-one driving session with an instructor, who gives each course attendee on-the-road tips and guidance.

The advanced course focuses on practical training, and includes hill starts, driving on motorways and dual carriageways, plus reversing and pitching on site.

Caravanners can choose from three locations in the North, South and Midlands: Haywards Heath in West Sussex; Rufforth in North Yorkshire; and also at the Club’s own headquarters in Coventry.

The courses are key elements among a wide range of help and advice that the Club offers its members, which also include a Towing Match Service and the Tow Car Awards.

The Towing Match Service helps members identify suitable tow cars and caravans that are a safe and legal pairing. The Tow Car Awards is an annual test programme, in which experts put new cars, towing suitably weighted caravans, through a series of comprehensive tests on a private proving ground, with reviews of each car tested published online.

Simon Howard, Marketing Director for Bailey of Bristol, said: “We’ve worked closely with the University of Bath, who have carried out a great deal of research into trailer stability and towing dynamics, and have incorporated this into the design of our Pursuit caravans, such as ensuring there is less weight at the front and rear of the caravan. We’re delighted to support the Club in these initiatives, and are confident the experiences will help people appreciate the many joys of caravanning.”

Robert Louden MBE, Director General of The Camping and Caravanning Club, said: “The Club takes the issue of safer caravanning very seriously indeed. By providing high-quality training courses for both new and more experienced caravanners, we aim to equip our caravanning members with the skills and understanding they need to feel confident and relaxed on their British and overseas caravan holidays.”

As a member of the FIA, the Club is a supporter of the current #3500Lives road safety campaign, which features celebrity international ambassadors including Rafael Nadal, Fernando Alonso and Pharrell Williams. Find out more about the campaign at #3500Lives.

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