The Swearing Welshman Tent Review

Exclusively for Camping in Britain, the Swearing Welshman reviews the Outwell Glenwood 600.

Worth the money?  Watch the Swearing Welshman’s review and decide for yourself – but don’t let the kids watch, he’s called the Swearing Welshman for a reason!

We laughed so much, we’ve asked him back, so keep an eye out for his next equipment review!


Where can I buy the Outwell Glenwood 600?

we’re told this tent is exclusive to Go Outdoors in the UK.   It’s one of July’s ‘Wow’ offers at £299, bundle deals also available.  The review shows the bundle deal, which includes a carpet, a footprint and a large awning, bundle costs £499.00 (at time of going to press)


Tips for putting up the Outwell Glenwood 600

One word of caution to anyone who buys this tent – you will struggle to put it up if you miss the colour coding on the poles.  It’s our ninth tent in 3 years and we struggled until we found it.  We’ve heard other reviewers say this tent nearly caused a divorce!

Once you get the hang of Outwell’s secret code (which they omit to share in their instructions, major fail on their part), it’s actually quite straightforward – honest.

On the tent poles, you will find a very small square sticker near the bottom of the poles – it could easily be missed, but it’s important.

  • The three black coded poles go in the middle three pole sleeves and are all the same length.
  • The two grey ones go either end, the longest grey pole is the front one!

Tent took us about 20 minutes to erect including pegging out the footprint – our airbeam takes 15 mins, and this takes up less space in the car.  Definitely a thumbs up from us, despite the shaky start.