Sustainable living principles for campervan owners

If you’ve always wanted to up sticks and live in a campervan, you’re not alone! The van life is becoming increasingly popular with those who want to live their best lives and break free of the shackles of societal expectations.

Driven by high house prices and an expensive rental market that’s seen a 5% increase in the past year, purchasing a campervan is a pipe dream for many.

But if you’re trying to live more sustainably, you might be wondering how you can live the idyllic campervan life whilst also taking care of the planet. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We delve into how to live your best (and sustainable!) campervan life below.

  1. Choose the right campervan

Firstly, it’s important to choose the right campervan. If you choose the right sort, campervans offer reduced carbon emissions and ecological impacts compared to traditional travel options like flying.

But not all campervans are made equal. For campervans to be truly sustainable, they need to adopt sustainable practices and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. That’s why you’ll find many campervans use solar panels for electricity and utilise waste reduction and water conservation technologies. Both of which are sustainable practices.

If you want to check how sustainable your van is and how eco-friendly you’ve been on your travels, you can collect data using the Rock 5B.

  1. Keep eco-friendly practices in mind

If you’re looking to kit out your van, remember that not all materials are made equal! Some can be extremely harmful to the environment.

When you’re fitting out your van, try to stick to natural, recyclable materials. Using repurposed wood and recycled rubber floor mats will keep your campervan sustainable – without compromising on quality.

  1. Use renewable energy

Where possible, try to rely on renewable energy. Solar power is the most affordable renewable energy to capture and use in a van. This is why virtually every environmentally conscious campervan owner has a solar panel!

  1. Reduce your water consumption

It’s estimated that almost 30% of our global water supply is wasted each year. To do your bit to conserve water, try to be mindful of what you’re using.

Apart from the obvious things like turning the tap off as you brush your teeth, you should also consider collecting wastewater and skipping unnecessary showers.

  1. Reduce your waste

It’ll come as no surprise that to live sustainably, you’ll need to reduce your waste. Although adopting a zero-waste approach probably isn’t feasible, try to cut down on single-use plastic and food waste.

Where you can, opt for food without plastic packaging or – at the very least – ensure packaging is recyclable.

Final thoughts…

Although it might seem overwhelming at first to follow sustainable living principles, once you get into the swing of eco-friendly campervan life, it’ll be hard to imagine doing any different. Will you take the plunge?