Arranging your camping trips with friends: what to remember

Britain is a nation of holidaymakers. As a country we absolutely love packing our bags, whether it be for a staycation close to home, a quick hop to Europe, or a longer jaunt, we just cannot get enough of it.

And there are so many different holiday types we enjoy. Beach holidays, city breaks, activity trips, wellness vacations to spas.

Not forgetting, of course, camping holidays. Indeed, camping holidays enjoyed a real boom during the pandemic with 4.5 million Brits taking a camping trip.

It is not just the holiday that we love, it is the excitement of booking and planning our adventures, and camping holidays encompass that feeling.

Here are some things to think about when booking a camping trip with friends.


Getting there

There is an old saying that it’s not the destination but the journey.

It does not quite fit perfectly here admittedly, but there is a lot to be said about loving the experience of travelling to where you are getting to!

Indeed, it can absolutely be the best part of the holiday. Make the most of the journey with karaoke sessions, food and drinks, and regular stops to check out some nice vantage points.

However, if going with friends, make sure you are all agreed on how you are getting there and also, if going with friends, be prepared to take turns driving, and think about what vehicle you will need for the different road types and the varied ground in woods and parks – you will want to make sure you have tyres that can withstand any condition as the last thing you’ll want to incur is a flat tyre.


Where to stay

With a huge array of modern campsites, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.  With a rooftop tent, you can literally pull up and stay anywhere, but for most groups of friends a campsite is the best option.

However, before you go you may want to chat with friends and discuss who will bring what, and what type of holiday you want to enjoy.  One person’s two man tent pitched just off a layby on the side of the road is very different to another’s luxury 8 man airbeam tent pitched on a luxurious campsite with electric hook ups, luxurious shower facilities and firmly defined pitches.

Camping covers a wide range of choices, there is something for everyone so check you are all on the same page about what your group will enjoy – and find a campsite that meets everyone’s needs (bearing in mind that not all campsites can accommodate the biggest modern tents).


Setting up your little home

It might sound an obvious thing to say but it is one people get wrong, especially when camping as a group. When on a camping trip is essential you have the right tent for your needs – remember the tent is your shelter when on a camping trip!

There are pop-up tents, which can be handy but not might always withstand bad conditions, dome tents, tunnel tents, and multi-room tents – some with poles, some that are inflatable.  If in doubt whether a tent will be big enough for your group, pitch in advance to double check.

In essence, you have plenty of choices but think about the whole group when choosing. If there are several of you, do you have a multi-room tent that will sleep you all satisfactorily and make sure you have enough room?  If one person snores, will you all cope?

Discuss among yourselves in advance where everyone will be sleeping.  Small, separate tents make for quick, easy pitching, but you’ll be charged per tent.  Multi-room and tunnel tents sleep more people and are particularly useful for ever-popular glamping trips.

Speaking of glamping, you don’t have to slum it, you can get everything from fabric covered inflatable sofas to full height inflatable beds, and if you go to a site with electric hook ups, you can bring and charge modern gadgets or even a TV – but make sure everyone knows who is bringing what so you all know what to expect!


Campsite activities

The beauty of a camping trip is that it does not matter if it is with friends, a young family, or a couple, there are plenty of activities to engage in.

Moreover, it can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, some of whom may become lifelong pals!

For adults, you could gather around the campfire to play drinking games, do some cooking, and maybe even crack out the guitar.

Younger families could engage in craft-making projects, go on a treasure hunt, make daisy chains, or go tree climbing.

And if you are a couple you could play board games, play cards, try making cocktails, and do some photography.

Finally, you can just treat camping as you would any other self-catering holiday – use your tent as a base, explore the area you are staying in – with the added benefit of a cosy campfire after dark.

Communication is the key – so everyone can camp their way and have a fantastic holiday.