UK Holiday Park Owner ditches printed brochures in favour of a new green approach

UK holiday park owner and operator Bridge Leisure Parks have decided to ditch the traditional glossy printed holiday brochure in favour of a modern and environmentally friendly digital brochure for their nine UK holiday parks.

For the first time in their history, their annual brochure mailing of 46,000 brochures, made up of over 700,000 sheets of paper, will move entirely online saving the equivalent of 88 trees a year.

The financial saving to the business is also significant reducing the marketing budget by £25,000 a year as a result of a reduction in printing and postage costs associated with the giant mailout.

Head of Marketing and Holiday Sales, Rachel Mabbs, explains the reasons for the change in approach: “This was a really difficult decision for us to make as the printed holiday brochure is somewhat iconic in our industry. But times have moved on and how people research and choose their holiday destinations are completely different.

“By sending out a printed brochure it completely detracts from the fast-moving pace of our holiday parks where there is something different going on every week. By having a digital brochure which links to the website, customers can get access to the most up to date information and book online at the same time.”

The Bridge Leisure team had been thinking about moving to a digital brochure for over a year but felt the timing was now right for the move, Rachel added: “This has been an incredibly tough year for our industry, and it seemed like the right time to make some fundamental changes to how we operate and really challenge ourselves on why we still do things like printed brochures. They have a significant environmental impact and many simply end up in landfill, so we are adding to that problem by continuing to send them out. Of course, the financial cost was also a factor in our decision, but fundamentally we believe that the printed holiday brochure is no longer the most effective way or the right way to promote our parks.”

The new digital brochures were designed by Cornwall company Pitched, who were awarded Best New Business in the Cornwall Business Awards. Director of Pitched Andrew Hampton said: “These fully digital brochures allow Bridge Leisure Parks to present a different story to their visitors than that of their normal website. The brochures can be fluid and evolve over time or as situations change, which they do so frequently in the current climate. After detailed analysis we have opted to optimise the view for visitors on their mobiles but present a fantastic experience whatever your device.”

With 2021 expected to be a bumper year for the UK tourism industry, Bridge Leisure are experiencing record breaking advanced bookings for 2021 as Rachel explains: “Our peak dates, which coincide with school holidays, are filling up fast, so early evidence suggests that moving to a digital brochure hasn’t stopped people booking with us. Investing in digital marketing is a key shift in our business strategy moving forwards and includes making sure we have active and engaging social media presence where we can talk directly to our current and potential guests.”

Bridge Leisure Parks owns nine holiday parks across the UK, in Cornwall, Devon, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Moray and Ayrshire.

Pool image from Trip Advisor