Could the new ultimate camping accessory be a Lotus Belle Tent?

With the appetite for staycations reaching new heights, and some camping and glamping sites being full already, Lotus Belle Tents UK has seen a surge in sales from start-ups creating new Glamping sites as well as individuals who want to buy glamping tents for the garden.

Lotus Belle tents were founded by British designer Harriet Seddon in 2012. Since its inception Lotus Belle has rapidly come to represent the very essence of boutique camping, defining the Glamping movement, and transforming the landscape of festival VIP accommodation. The flagship product the ‘Lotus Belle’ is a unique canvas tent design that boasts all the portability and usability of a standard bell tent whilst affording the roomy luxuriousness of a yurt.

Lotus Belle has already supplied Bell tents to businesses such as Hoxton Hotel, Glastonbury, 5* glamping sites around the world including Moat Island Glamping, and their range for 2021 includes two inflatable luxury tents. Increasingly, enquiries are coming from individuals who want to enjoy the outdoors with the added luxury of home from home comforts.

Lotus Belle Tents founder, Harri Seddon says “our Lotus Belle air tents don’t have a central pole, can be put up by one person and have standing height across the whole footprint of the tent so if you want a normal size bed and wardrobe in there, you can absolutely do that. Add log burners, fur rugs to snuggle up to and fairy lights, you then have the ultimate in luxury camping.

Our designs mean that you can customise your interior as much as you like, one night you can have a movie night, the next a spa treatment or use as a home learning base for the kids.”

2020 also saw the rise of people investing in hot tubs and alfresco spa facilities, so the Lotus Belle tent is (there is plenty of room to make it your massage haven) a repurposable extra creating the whole spa experience in your garden and being paramount to relax and recharge your batteries.

Lotus Belle tents are available in a range of sizes from a 2 man tent to Marquee size and prices start from £890 (depending on size and configuration).