How to create a festival vibe in your garden this summer

David Boultbee is a Technical Consultant with the lighting specialists Ultra LEDs. Here, he gives his top tips for giving your home’s garden a festival-inspired look this summer.

It’s looking increasingly likely that this year’s festival season will be completely cancelled. Glastonbury’s 50th anniversary plans have already been postponed, and a lot of artists have said that they won’t be doing any shows for the rest of the year.

While we all know the spread of COVID-19 has caused much bigger problems, it’s only natural to be disappointed if your summer festival plans have been dashed. But, if you can’t go to the UK’s biggest music events this year, why not try and bring a bit of their vibe to you? Giving your garden a festival-themed makeover is a great way to do that and, here, I’m going to outline what steps you need to take.

Install some decorative lighting

While you’ll be able to dance in the summer sun during the day, it’s likely you’ll also want to enjoy your garden after dark, and this will mean installing some lighting. The best way to get that festival look is by going for decorative designs, such as festoon lights with giant bulbs. Fairy lights in a warm-toned white are also ideal for wrapping around trees and your fences to give your garden a magical look.

What ever styles of lighting you choose, it’s vital that you pick out versions that have specifically been designed for outdoor use. This way, they can be left out come rain or shine, and you won’t have to worry about them being damaged by our usual British downpours.

Upcycle items to creative decorations

Of course, it would be much easier to transform your garden into a festival-inspired paradise if you were able to shop around on the high street for supplies. However, with the UK on lockdown, we’re only allowed to go out for exercise or essentials, and bunting doesn’t exactly fall into that category.

However, chances are, you probably have plenty of materials lying around your home that you could upcycle into decorative bits and bobs. For example, you could sew your own bunting from an old summer dress, or put strings of fairy lights in empty mason jars. You could even use food tins to hold your cutlery if you’re planning to serve food at your garden festival. There are so many possibilities — you just have to use your imagination!

Make sure there’s music

Of course, no festival is complete without music. If you had tickets for a festival this year, make a playlist of songs that you were looking forward to seeing live. Or, you could put together your dream setlist from your favourite headliner.

You need to be considerate to your neighbours though, because they’ll definitely be home while the UK lockdown is in place. So, make sure to avoid any songs that aren’t appropriate for kids who might be playing outside nearby. And, keep an eye on the time — you shouldn’t be playing your music outside after 11pm. The last thing you want to do is annoy your neighbours when there’s already so much going on at the moment.

If you’re upset about the lack of festivals that will be taking place this year, hold one for your household in your back garden. Install some outdoor lighting, put a playlist together, and DIY some decorations. While it won’t be exactly the same, it should help to tide you over until 2021.