Kit Review: Outwell Kimberley Table

2020 hasn’t seen much in the way of camping for the Baker household, but we’ve found a few things we have really loved in our couple of weekends to support the amazing #GreatBritishCampout – and we’ll be sharing our reviews.

One now-essential piece of kit in our small garden set-up was this stunning looking camping table, which Damian of Newquay Camping ordered in specially for us back in February (he’s great like that and we happily recommend him).

The table folds down in half to a handy small size, and as you’d expect from Outwell, comes with it’s own handy cover bag. The folding mechanism is smooth and easy, and it doesn’t take much space in the car, folding to 45 x 65 x 8 cm.

How it looks on the Promo Pics

It’s perfect to hold all the snacks and drinks that every camper needs – here she is in our lockdown camping setup in the garden!

How it looks in our tent

My concern was that the lovely bamboo top would not stand up to spills, but so far it’s handled Coca Cola and flavoured cider spills with aplomb, without leaving a single mark, and it didn’t collapse when our excited little dog Honey jumped on it.

Not that it’s designed for this purpose, it’s low height means it has also doubled as a handy footstool, and the perfect place to rest a camping lantern. We actually keep it indoors because it’s handy whenever you need a little extra space, and everyone who has seen it in our regular ‘Zoom Quiz’ (every Saturday night, all welcome!) says nice things about it.

So far this has proved to be durable, looks great and if you miss your ‘coffee table’ when camping, especially if you’ve bought a Campeze or Outwell Sofa, you’ll love this.

It’s price is perhaps on the high side compared to other low tables, but there are no comparable products – I haven’t found anything else quite like it.

In fact to try and produce an unbiased, fair review, I’m actively looking for faults and I can’t find any. It’s therefore getting our full seal of approval and we are happy to recommend it wholeheartedly with a whopping 10/10.