Five Beautiful UK Picnic Spots To Savour

Who doesn’t love a picnic?

Here in the UK we are blessed with some stunning spots to roll out the rug.

With the UK starting to see more sunshine, searches for ‘best picnic spot near me’ have risen by 100% over the past 30 days, indicating Brits are looking to put their picnic gear to use and indulge in delicious food with a picturesque backdrop.

To help discover some of the UK’s best picnic spots, the Sally’s Cottages team has rounded up their five favourite picnic spots, from breathtaking beaches and lakes to picturesque parks and mountains.

  1. Fell Foot Park, Lake District 

Nestled on the southern shores of Lake Windermere, Fell Foot Park is the ultimate destination for a delightful picnic experience. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this idyllic setting offers a perfect blend of waterfront tranquillity and breathtaking mountain views. Beyond the scenery, the park features an adventure playground, nature trail, charming gothic boathouses, and a cosy café, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’ve forgotten something, pop down to Boathouse Café and choose from a selection of sandwiches, cakes, snacks, hot meals, and drinks. Lastly, for those looking for a bit of adventure, there are opportunities to paddle at the lake’s edge, hire a rowing boat, or go for a quick swim.

  1. Downhill Demesne, Castlerock, Northern Ireland 

Perched on a cliff top with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, Downhill Demesne is a picturesque gem and an ideal location for a memorable picnic. This historic site is intertwined with the renowned Mussenden Temple, originally constructed in the 1780s as a summer library. Accessible via the Lion’s Gate and Bishop’s Gate walking trails, the lush green gardens provide a peaceful setting for enjoying a meal amidst nature’s beauty. Additionally, while there, be sure to explore the impressive ruins of Downhill Castle, adding a touch of historical intrigue to your outdoor adventure.

  1. Lake Vyrnwy, Powys, Mid Wales

Lake Vyrnwy, with its 5-mile-long reservoir surrounded by stunning meadows, remote mountains, impressive moorlands, and thick forests, is an excellent picnic spot for wildlife lovers as it’s home to pied flycatchers, bats, redstarts, buzzards, and peregrine falcons. The scenic landscapes make it a great spot for a relaxing picnic amidst nature. The area offers plenty of activities, from birdwatching to hiking and biking on numerous trails, making it the perfect destination for a revitalising retreat. Additionally, the lack of lighting makes it an ideal location for stargazing for those looking to spend the night there.

  1. Devil’s Dyke, Sussex  

Nestled within the South Downs National Park, this stunning valley offers panoramic views of rolling hills, lush greenery, and picturesque farmland. The wide, open spaces provide ample room for spreading out a picnic blanket and enjoying a meal. The area’s rich history and legend of the Devil’s creation add a touch of mystique and intrigue, making the experience even more memorable. Additionally, well-maintained trails and easy access ensure a pleasant and hassle-free outing for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking to relax in a serene environment or embark on a leisurely hike, Devil’s Dyke combines the best of both worlds, making it an ideal picnic destination.

  1. Conic Hill, Scotland  

Conic Hill makes a great picnic spot due to its stunning vantage point over Loch Lomond and the surrounding Trossachs National Park. A relatively short and accessible hike leads to the summit, rewarding visitors with panoramic views of the loch’s islands, shimmering waters, and the dramatic highland scenery. The hill’s grassy slopes and natural terraces provide ideal spots to sit and enjoy a meal while soaking in the breathtaking landscape. The peaceful ambience, punctuated only by the sounds of nature, offers a calming escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sarah Pring, PR Manager at Sally’s Cottages, said: “Britain has so many beautiful parks, mountains, lakes and beaches to choose for a picturesque picnic that suits all ages and abilities.

“We wanted to select our favourite spots for holidaymakers looking to do a picnic as part of their itinerary. We hope this has inspired people to choose a favourite location.”

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