Motorhomes crowned number one holiday choice for freedom factor

The great outdoors comes up trumps for healthy mindsets and happy holidaymakers

A motorhome is the number one holiday choice representing the ultimate freedom factor, according to a new piece of research*. Almost two-thirds of participants selected holiday genres linked with the great outdoors as those that give them the best sense of freedom; motorhomes (41%), camping (14%) and caravanning (8%).

The survey by Goboony – the UK’s leading platform connecting motorhome owners and travellers – comes one month after Boris Johnson lifted the vast majority of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions in England on 19th July, a week since Scotland and days since Wales have followed suit. The results have highlighted how the global pandemic is encouraging more Brits to explore the great outdoors when holidaying now and in the future.

Last year, the domestic tourism industry shrank by about two-thirds as coronavirus restrictions enforced cancellation or postponement of millions of travel plans. Despite the gloomy forecast, the appetite for holidays in the UK continues to soar, with several holiday companies reporting sharp spikes in searches for staycations. Over the past year Goboony has witnessed 329% year-on-year growth, with bookings between January – July 2021 skyrocketing with an average growth of 122% month on month. There is no sign of demand slowing down either.

Looking at the impact Covid-19 has had on holiday booking decisions, more than a third (37%) of participants said they will book a motorhome, 36 percent will explore more of the great outdoors and 29 percent claim they will avoid popular tourist destinations during peak times.  The sea was considered UK holidaymakers’ happy place, with waves being the most popular ‘happy’ sound (32%) and salty air by the seaside (31%) being the standout ‘happiness’ smell.

Jake Stone, UK Country Manager for Goboony, comments: “The pandemic has naturally cemented nature’s role as an antidote for modern living. This includes when on holiday too. With international travel in absolute chaos and the cost of PCR Covid tests now being investigated by competition watchdogs, it is no surprise that motorhome holidays and the UK’s great outdoors have come up trumps as choices which make holidaymakers feel free.

“The motorhome holiday is an ideal, safe alternative option for staycationers, and is carving itself a permanent position within the travel and tourism industry landscape. Naturally ‘socially-distanced’ by design, they are an inventive way for Brits to travel safely.”

UK lockdowns have highlighted just how important it is to be outside and have access to green and natural spaces because of the benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. The great outdoors offers lots of positive attributes with claiming it helps to improve moods, reduces feelings of stress and anger, and improves confidence and self-esteem. Yet concerningly, new analysis by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has revealed that 70% of people who live in urban areas in towns and cities across England do not have suitable access to good, quality green space.

In addition to the great outdoors, the UK open road, accompanied by our spouse / partner (46%), was identified as a positive part of our holidays. The survey revealed that the open road made people feel free (27%), happy (23%), excited (20%) and peaceful (12%). The mode of transport i.e. car, motorhome or aeroplane was also considered the moment a holiday typically begins for over a third of UK holidaymakers (34%).

On the flip side, the survey did reveal that a road trip does not come without a few niggles, with the top three things most likely to cause an argument being: traffic (32%), directions (22%) and backseat drivers (14%).

Stone concludes: “It is a truly exciting time for us at Goboony. While many are continuing to adventure closer to home, we are not only witnessing motorhomes rise in popularity but, as an online platform, are seeing how our technology is pioneering the way in facilitating demand and supply issues. The current scenario presents a massive opportunity for motorhome owners to reap the benefits of hiring their vehicles through our platform.

“Demand for motorhome holidays is not going away anytime soon, so it’s imperative the travel and tourism industry starts to take this mode of holidays more seriously by providing more facilities and sites suited to van life.”

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