Howdens campervan winner to continue charity walk

In 2019 Luke Thomas, an architectural designer from Carmarthenshire, was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, and this summer has been walking the coast of Wales to raise awareness and money for the charity Melanoma Focus, where he’ll have walked a total of 870 miles.

Whilst continuing his journey around the coast of Wales, Luke entered Howdens’ ‘Win a Campervan’ competition. The UK’s number one trade kitchen supplier, Howdens, recently announced Luke as the winner, which he says will now act as a support vehicle as he enters the last stretch of his charity walk.

Luke’s prize was a 2012 Volkswagen T5.1 Campervan with a medium top box in red and black and was delivered to him last month at his home in Carmarthenshire.

“I was in complete shock and didn’t really believe that I had won until it had been offloaded from the lorry. Howdens have cleverly converted the campervan by having one of their kitchens fitted into the back of the van, separating the sleeping and cooking arrangements. I am so happy and grateful to have the campervan to use on the final leg of #MyBigCancerWalk. Thank you, Howdens!” Luke said.

The campervan was converted using materials and products available from the current Howdens range.

Tom Hopes, Head of Digital Acquisition at Howdens said: “After Luke was picked as our winner and we learnt more about his story, we really wanted to help him raise more awareness for his charity walk. We’re thrilled that our campervan is going to play a worthwhile role in helping him complete his journey around the Welsh coast.

“Howdens’ kitchens and joinery products can be used in many different scenarios and fitting into the back of a campervan is just one exciting example of this. We wish Luke and his campervan all the best of luck on the last leg of his walk.”

To support Luke on his walk head over to his JustGiving page, and keep up to date with his progress over on Instagram .

If you would like any further information or inspiration on clever campervan conversions using Howdens products then head over to the Howdens website