Irreverent video with TikTok creator Jarad Rowan launches ahead of busy camping season

Ramblers Scotland has today launched a new short film featuring Scottish TikTok star Jarad Rowan, aimed at encouraging responsible wild camping in Scotland.

Jarad, known as @LittlestChicken to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers, discovers five ‘Rules of Wild Camping’ during a trip to Borders Forest Trust’s scenic Corehead estate near Moffat.

The light-hearted video – supported by NatureScot and John Muir Trust – shows Jarad learning where to camp, what to pack, where to go to the toilet outdoors, how to leave no trace and the importance of using stoves rather than lighting fires.

Jarad, aged 21 from Stranraer, said: “This was such a great project to be involved in and I had the best time filming! It was also really cool to be shooting in Dumfries & Galloway. There are some lovely spots here in Scotland. I’m wondering does this make me an icon in the world of wild camping now?!”

The film has been planned by Ramblers Scotland alongside a team of young adults – the target audience – who have completed Ramblers Scotland’s Out There Award, which helps 18 to 26-year-olds kick-start their journeys into the outdoors.

Ramblers Scotland director Brendan Paddy said: “Scotland has world-class landscapes for everyone to explore. Getting more people active outdoors more often will help make Scotland a happier and healthier nation. It can also provide valuable income for rural communities and help more people feel inspired to protect the places where we all love to walk.

“The challenge we now face is making sure that the welcome increase in people getting outdoors is backed by the support needed to ensure people have the knowledge and opportunities to enjoy the experience responsibly. I hope our new film will support people – especially beginners – to plan fun, responsible nights out under the stars.”

The film was produced by Edinburgh-based video agency Heehaw.

Heehaw assistant producer Carys Evans said: “It’s great collaborating with clients on adventurous and ambitious projects like one, creating content that’s both meaningful and entertaining. We’re so lucky in Scotland to be surrounded by a huge number of incredible camping spots and believe that everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy these public spaces, but that it’s our collective responsibility to take care of them. Thank you to Jarad for helping us communicate this message in such a unique and hilarious way.”

Ramblers Scotland and partners have launched the video ahead of what is expected to be a hugely busy summer for Scotland’s outdoors, particularly as many festivals, indoor parties and overseas travel remain off limits. In fact, a recent study by the David Hume Institute (DHI) showed 36% of people in Scotland spent more time outside in nature last year than before – with 58% intending to spend more time outside in future.

It will be shown across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok throughout the summer. Viewers are linked to a detailed new webpage at that helps beginners plan safe and fun wild camps in Scotland.

The video campaign is part of a wider programme of visitor management activities led by VisitScotland and Scottish Government with public, charity and private partners. Together the partnership aims to deliver not just communication and education activities about enjoying the outdoors responsibly but also to address issues related to infrastructure and to co-ordinate direct engagement with visitors to prevent problems arising.

Last year, antisocial and irresponsible behaviour by a small minority of visitors in some popular locations caused real issues for the environment, local people, and other visitors. This summer is expected to be even busier, so it is vital that people act responsibly.

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