Kit Review: Outwell Christianos Camping Fan

Well, no camping this season, but it’s warm, really warm, and we joined the #GreatBritishCampout in our garden to test out some new kit. We will be sharing the results with you – starting with this amazing little fan.

When I bought the little Outwell Christianos fan last year from Camping World, Mark (the Swearing Welshman) was not at all convinced such a tiny fan would make a difference at all – and we didn’t go camping for the rest of the year.

The unit itself is fairly simple, it comprises a grey coloured unit with a hook on the top, with four plastic ‘fins’ that slide in. It is pretty lightweight and simple, although it looks very elegant in situ – the ultimate glamping accessory.

So, how does it perform?

A few weeks into lockdown and we can honestly say it’s been the best piece of camping kit we’ve ever bought – and it won’t be going away til winter, indoors and outdoors!

It got it’s first outing in our Outwell Glenwood, since then it’s moved into the various event shelters we own (our front garden has turned into a canvas showroom this summer), then into our brand new Kampa Texel 4 (bought purely for lockdown – review to follow!)

Now it’s so warm, it’s following us from room to room in our house (currently in the bedroom – although bodge-rigged up to hang from a normal light, it’s anything but elegant – in the tent it looks stunning and drew plenty of admiring glances from people walking past our garden).

It’s perfect for tents where there is already a lantern hook, in fact the only recommendation we would make to Outwell is to add a light so you don’t have to choose between a lantern and a fan.

The little fan has more than proved it’s worth, delivering a gentle cool breeze – and as we are set to buy more so we don’t have to keep moving it round, it’s going to earn a big 10 out of 10 from us!

Very highly recommended – get one!