Experts share the 10 most popular outdoor winter activities to try this year

Using Google search data, the outdoor experts at Blacks have revealed which winter outdoor activities have seen the biggest increase in search volume across a year period and look to be trending this year.

The most popular outdoor activity for winter 2023/24:


Rank Activity Y-o-Y change in global Google searches (October 1 2022 – September 30 2023)
1 Biathlon 309%
2 Moscow broomball 67%
3 Tour skating 55%
4 Acroski 50%
4 Ice canoeing 50%
4 Snow rugby 50%
4 Speed riding 50%
8 Winter pentathlon 29%
9 Rinkball 24%
9 Wok racing 24%


Biathlon has been named the most trending winter outdoor activity, with a 309% increase in Google searches across a year period. The winter sport combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, and there are a number of venues across the UK which provide biathlon training and competition for people of all levels.


Next up is broomball with a 67% surge in searches. Broomball is very similar to hockey and has many of the same rules, but instead of skates it is played on shoes and instead of a puck, players use a ball. While there is currently no established league in the UK, many ice rinks will allow you to book to play the sport.


Rounding out the top three with a 55% increase in Google searches is tour skating. Tour skating involves recreational long-distance ice skating on ice and is also commonly referred to as cross-country-skating or Nordic skating. Not only is the sport a great way to experience the outdoors, it has been referred to as the best cardiovascular exercise possible.


Natalie Byrne, Content Marketing Manager at Blacks comments: “In the cold winter months it is easy to spend a lot of time indoors. However, getting outdoors can help improve and maintain your overall well-being, and trying out a new activity is a great way to keep fit, make friends, and manage stress. 

“Whether you want to try out a team sport like snow rugby, are seeking adventure in activities like speed riding, or want to challenge your physical and mental capabilities by trying out biathlon, we hope you try out some of these exciting outdoor activities this winter – but most importantly, we encourage you to make time to get outdoors even in the colder weather.”