If you’re itching to explore this summer and are looking to do it on wheels, then the G2 8.5” Off Road Hummer could be just what you’re after. Jump on board and try these 6 things you never knew you could do on an off road hoverboard:

Strengthen your core on a gravel drive – When your hoverboard wheels are 8.5 inches or more, you can ride across gravel smoothly, even when the particles are on the chunky side.

Riding on gravel is a different experience to moving on pavements. You won’t be able to move as quickly and so you’ll need to work a little harder to maintain balance before you speed up.

This will involve engaging those core muscles giving your abs, hips and glutes a workout.

Glide over grass – with a sturdy and robust model such as the G2 8.5” Off Road Hummer, grass is no problem and the excellent balancing system means you’ll feel stable and in control.

Tackle bumps and hills – bumpy surfaces are a doddle with an off road hoverboard with two 350W+ motors. It can withstand ups and downs without slowing you down too much and the shock absorbing rubber tyres will ensure a smooth ride.

Career around the carpet – yes, you can use an off road hoverboard on carpet – but make sure it is a quality board that won’t cause damage. Clear the furniture and switch up your indoor fitness regime by moving along to the many hoverboard workout routines available on YouTube. Or if you need to nip to the kitchen and it’s too far to walk, hop on board!

Cruise dirt tracks – Dirt and sand are no obstacle for an off road hoverboard. The wide wheels and grip tyres will enable you to glide across all kinds of terrain. There’s no need to worry about rain either because this beauty is IP54 Certified water resistant.

Throw a disco party – choose a private patch of land, invite your friends and blast out your favourite sounds with the aid of the G2 8.5” Off Road Hummer’s built in Bluetooth speaker. Turn on the bright LED headlights and throw some moves!

The G2 8.5” Off Road Hummer from Official Hoverboard, is currently available at an early bird discount price of £279 (RRP £399). Official Hoverboard recommends wearing helmets and pads whilst using their boards.

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