Unusual Christmas Gifts for Campers & Festival-Goers

Christmas is fast approaching and people may be struggling to think of unusual and welcome gifts, especially for the outdoor types in their lives. So, what do you buy for the festival goers and outdoor adventurers for Christmas? (or birthdays for that matter!)

Innovative new company, KitinaTin has launched two great products aimed at festival goers, casual campers and others enjoying the great outdoors, containing everything they didn’t know they needed.

The first two available tins are the KAMPING KITand the KHAZI KITand are ideal for so many different events from hiking to sight-seeing, wild camping to music gigs – and make great gifts, with a touch of humour and practicality built in.

Lulu Tuck, Founder and Managing Director of newly formed KitinaTin Ltd, explains:

“Having attended festivals and been camping many times, and not having the right equipment or not enough of the essentials to hand, we at KitinaTin have come up with the best shortlist of items to survive any festival, day trip, camping excursion or outdoor adventure, all contained in a handy size tin. Space is at a premium when you are camping and no-one wants to carry more than they need to around with them, so these are ideal.

“Each item has been chosen and tested carefully to provide a practical and functional kit. No glow sticks, no lollipops, no nonsense. Only really useful things that you will need and use time and time again. Plus you can refill your kit online with our specially selected items to keep these essentials to hand for all your adventures”

The Khazi Kit is designed to improve the experience of using over-crowded public toilets, chemical portaloos and compost loos.

As most festival goers can tell you, festival toilets are often not the best. The Khazi Kit features little touches to make those inevitable pit stops much more pleasant.

Firstly you’ll find a mask – that’s because no Hyacinth Bouquet would be found near a festival toilet!  The smell, especially on hot days, from festival public conveniences can be over whelming.  The little mask lets you breathe away easily with no nasty whiffs!

The tissues and hand wipes are for cleanliness and comfort – and the torch is a brilliant aid for night time visits, as anyone who has had to find a campsite toilet in a pitch black sky will tell you.  Included in the kit is also a 10 pack of disposable toilet seat covers allowing you to sit with confidence! To complete the tin we have added a zip seal poly bag to store items in hygienically while you use the loos.  The kit comes handily packaged in a quality tin for £9.99 with free delivery in the UK.

The Kamping Kit, as it suggests is for camping. Whether it be at a festival, campsite or even a day out in the country – you will use each item and be so glad you had it.

The poncho will keep you dry and double up as something to sit on, the multi tool is a tin opener, bottle opener, knife, saw, spanner, screwdriver and much more all in one. The torch, complete with batteries, lasts and lasts – in tests it stayed lit constantly on average for 4 consecutive days running! With carry cord and flip function you can even turn it into a hanging lamp. Our purple tipped matches are compact and great for the campfire or BBQ and there is even a pack of tissues included to finish off your kit, not forgetting a useful zip seal poly bag to keep important items dry and safe. All for £10.99 with free delivery in the UK.

These unusual gift tins are available to buy online and at selected events around the UK – and just for Christmas,  KitinaTin have a great online deal: buy both tins together for £20.00 and get free delivery too.

To buy online and for more information visit  www.kitinatin.com

Also available to purchase on Amazon, Ebay and Design2Please.