Our Motoring Correspondent Oliver Lewis reviews the Ford Wellhouse Camper

Campers need to be easy to drive, fit in your garage or on your drive and comfortable to live in for more than a couple of nights. Meet the Ford Terrier camper van – it has a clever dynamic seating arrangement that transforms it from a vehicle into a home and is packed with handy stowage solutions.

Every camper van should feel like a home and this is exactly what you get with the Ford Terrier. Featuring a sink, two gas hobs, a fridge and a number of cupboards, you can easily take the essential items you need to cook up a dish when you arrive at your destination. Both of the front seats swivel round and have a table that folds out so you can tuck in and enjoy your meal without feeling like you’re in a vehicle. With three bench seats in the cabin and the front seats swivelled round, five people can comfortably sit around in the evening. Thanks to the elevating roof, it’s easy to stand up and walk around without the worry of hitting your head.

Toilet facilities are tucked away in a closet-sized bathroom for extra privacy. Tinted glass in the cabin also makes the interior feel secluded.

When it’s time for bed, you can turn the seats of the Terrier into a bed in seconds. Depending on which model you choose, the seats will either be formed as a three-seat bench or a sofa-style arrangement.

The Lux XL, SE and Sport come with a reversing camera and parking sensors make it easier to park up when you’re out and about, and to steer it into a garage. Power steering helps you to get out of tricky spots and the ABS prevents you from skidding while on the move.

With a CD player and air conditioning, all journeys are comfortable and enjoyable, so you really will feel like you’re on holiday.

Since the launch of the New Ford Transit Custom, Wellhouse have been busy formatting their new version of the camper and making it the best yet. We can’t wait to get our hands on it for the weekend to see what it can do.

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Oliver Lewis is our motoring correspondent and writes about motoring, towcars, towing and camper vans. In his ‘day job’, Oliver is Head of Marketing for Premier Commercial Vehicles.

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