PaulCamper launches ‘Happy Camper Cards’ for beginner campervanners
  • Collection of cards will be available in rental motorhomes and campervans 
  • Cards can be placed in the window to assist those new to campervanning to easily ask for help, whilst more seasoned travellers can use them to offer help to other campers 

PaulCamper, Europe’s largest online platform for campervan and motorhome sharing, has launched a collection of ‘Happy Camper Cards’ designed to support those new to campervanning.

With staycations all the rage, and travellers broadening their horizons to new travel experiences including campervanning, PaulCamper has seen a shift in the demographic of those renting campervans and motorhomes. Previously, seasoned travellers would make up the majority of renters however in recent months this has shifted to include a larger proportion of first time campervanners.

In response to this, and recognising how daunting some aspects of campervanning may seem to a first timer, PaulCamper has devised the ‘Happy Camper cards’ to be placed on the dashboard of the campervan or motorhome where they will be in easy view of other campers and carry the slogans;

  • Hey! We are seasoned campers and happy to help. Please just ask if you are struggling with anything!
  • Hey neighbour! We are happy to chat so if you fancy it just come and say hello.
  • Hey! We are new here and would love any help or tips you can give us

Steven Hagenah, UK Country Lead for PaulCamper said; “We know those new to campervanning sometimes find aspects of it daunting so I am excited to be launching our Happy Camper Cards today so British holidaymakers newly interested in camping holidays can feel confident in booking with us. 

“The pandemic and associated lockdowns have changed travel views and attitudes with campervan holidays quickly becoming one of the top choices for British travellers when considering travel options. With this though comes a proportion of our customer base who may feel concerned about certain aspects of campervanning such as connecting to a water supply at the campsite or changing a chemical toilet.

“I really hope our Happy Camper Cards are not only embraced but that they become common place across campsites up and down the UK. I am sure renters travelling in one of our diverse range of motorhomes and campervans will be pleased at their presence and will be happy to use them in order to get the help they need or, if a more seasoned camper, to be able to help others.”

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