Campfire Resolutions: Welcoming the New Year with a Camping Adventure

We’ve all been guilty of making New Year’s resolutions that we have no honest intention of keeping. The problem is most resolutions are based around denying yourself something you enjoy and that could be everything from food and alcohol to spending money on live gigs and your favourite hobby. One hobby that costs very little, however, is camping and for those seeking a unique and refreshing way to welcome the new year, camping offers a delightful alternative.


Time to Switch Off

Camping during the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to switch off from the everyday hustle and immerse yourself in tranquility after a potentially manic festive season. Whether it’s setting up a tent in a unique location or celebrating under the stars, the options are endless. Campsites provide the ideal backdrop for a serene and memorable New Year celebration that can act as a perfect counterweight to a hectic Christmas.


Embracing Your Wellbeing in Nature’s Embrace

Being outdoors feels good, even in the depths of winter. Camping is also, by its very nature, a profoundly peaceful experience that allows you to disconnect from the increasingly loud world and focus on your thoughts and the people you’re camping with. The scenic views and fresh air will offer the ideal backdrop upon which to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the one ahead.


An Affordable Option

There are dozens of campsites across the UK, many of which are either incredibly affordable or completely free to use. If you want to save some money, however, and see in the New Year for next to nothing, why not simply camp out in your back garden with a bottle of champagne and some warm blankets? Weather depends, of course!


Planning the Perfect Getaway

Embarking on a camping trip for the New Year is an adventure in and of itself. The excitement begins with planning the trip, considering all the essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Depending on personal preferences, the trip could include coastal walks, winter hikes, watching the sunrise, or wildlife spotting. When planning your adventure, however, selecting the right vehicle is crucial. A used BMW 1 series hatchback, for example, perfectly combines comfort with utility, making it an ideal choice for transporting camping gear and navigating varied landscapes and rough terrain.

Celebrating the arrival of the new year under the open sky, surrounded by nature, can be a magical experience that you’ll never forget. So, rather than hit up your local pub (that’s rammed and charging an entry fee) or stop at home (to fall asleep in front of Jools Holland) this year, why not start the year as you mean to go on and celebrate under the stars?