5 Tips for Tree Care & Your Land Management

Having trees on your land can be a real blessing and for campsite owners it can add a great deal of beauty to your outdoor space. Having trees on your land is also a huge responsibility as you will need to know how to maintain and look after these trees. This is in terms of environmental stewardship, but also so that you can avoid damage that could endanger lives and damage surrounding properties. Here are five tips for caring for your trees without damaging the environment.



It is true that mature trees do not usually need watering (especially in the UK!), but young trees need regular watering to optimise their growth. Therefore, you should water any young tree that you have regularly, especially in the first two seasons. Additionally, temperatures are becoming more extreme in the summer months; you may need to water your trees if the ground becomes very dry.



You should also put mulch around the trees to retain moisture and provide a slow-release fertiliser to encourage healthy growth. Additionally, mulch can suppress the growth of unwanted weeds around the tree.



Following this, weeds, grass, and other invasive plants can compete for water and nutrients if growing around the base of the tree. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye on the base and remove anything that crops up – you should have a three-foot diameter of clear ground around the tree.



You must also take steps to protect your tree if it is newly planted. You can use borders and protectors to provide a physical barrier against pets/pests, wind damage, and lawn equipment. It is also important to avoid using chemical fertilisers in the area.



Finally, you need to regularly prune your tree. This allows for healthy, balanced growth and can improve the aesthetics. This is something that you can do with research online and with the use of a battery-powered chainsaw – just be sure to prioritise safety and make sure that you do not cause any damage to the tree. Pruning can involve crown thinning (cutting back small outside branches), crown lifting (removing lower branches), and crown reduction (taking height off the top). If you are unable to prune the tree yourself, you can use the services of a professional tree surgeon.


It is important to take the time to maintain any trees that you have on your camping land. This is from an aesthetic viewpoint so that you can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, but also from an environmental standpoint. You also need to maintain trees to prevent damage from occurring to your land or surrounding properties. The above are the main ways you can look after trees on your land that will allow for healthy growth and allow you to enjoy the great beauty trees can provide.