Alpkit has done it again with their latest tents, boasting minimalist, specialist kit for maximum outdoor adventures. All affordably priced.


Alpkit’s NEW Aeronaut £179.99

Inflatable tent

Love camping, love quality kit you can rely on, love the sound of a durable tent designed with a single air pole rather than an aluminium pole? Well, look no further than the NEW Aeronaut range!

Alpkit’s new inflatable tent is one of the most packable two-skin, 3-season tents available on the market. Perfect for space-starved bikepackers and backpackers. Starting at just £179.99, it is also one of the most affordable.

Stuffing easily into seatpack nooks, bar bag crannies and rucksack crevices for lightweight adventures, the Aeronaut is the perfect partner for bikepacking, walking, kayaking, in fact, any activity with limited or awkward packing space.

Single air pole composition: The most packable two skin tent available, with an inflatable pole

The new Aeronaut 1 (one-person tent, £179.99) and Aeronaut 2 (2-person, £199.99) use an innovative TPU air pole in place of a long alloy pole and inflates by bike pump or foot pump to produce an absurdly packable shelter that’s fast to set up!
By using innovative new construction techniques, Alpkit’s design means the tent fits neatly between the narrowest of drop bars and stuffs into the most awkward of spaces without using large alloy poles. Removing these rigid main poles eliminates one of the biggest obstacles to easy tent packing.

The air pole seamlessly offers a stable structure, so even in very strong winds, you won’t run the risk of your tent pole snapping. The TPU pole just moves where it needs to and will easily rebound back into shape rather than snapping like a single alloy pole might in the same situation.

Material benefits

The material of the new Aeronaut is another significant feature of this tent, with materials that are tried and tested to last longer, without the fear of snagging after an exhausting ride. The flysheet is the same rip-stop nylon fabric that is seen more commonly in higher priced tents, and it boasts a strong tear resistance for its weight.

The material is thoroughly waterproofed (or has the right ‘hydrostatic head’ if we’re talking technical!), which has been thoroughly tested for all the environments the Aeronaut is likely to be used in. There is also a low level of stretch which helps to create a really taught pitch.


Alpkit’s NEW Aeronaut 2 £199.99

2-person inflatable tent

With the Aeronaut 2, the other big benefit is being able to split the weight almost entirely evenly between two people. If one person takes the tent outer (including air pole) and the other person takes the inner and pegs, you end up with roughly similar weights and pack-sizes to share. Winner!

Alpkit’s NEW Polestar £129.99
Use your own trekking poles to pitch

Alpkit had to use the word ‘star’ in the name as this sub-1kg 1-person tent pitches using your own trekking poles to save on weight and packing space and has been two and a half years in development and testing. And, get this, it’s just £129.99!

Taking a no-compromise approach, the Polestar is a stable and super reliable double skin tent where weight and pack-size are as important as durability, space and useability.

Pitch it with the walking poles you’ve been using all day!

In rough terrain or difficult environments, the Polestar is in its element! Doubling your trekking poles as tent poles means no wasted weight and the tent is compatible with any brand of adjustable trekking or fixed-length 120cm poles.

The design team at Alpkit has used a cross-pole construction to provide a really stable composition for the tent, and even in strong winds the Polestar has been engineered to ensure that the poles won’t flex. Inspired design to ensure a restful night’s kip!

Tough, lightweight construction

Despite using more harder-wearing materials (20D rip-stop flysheet fabric) and a true bath-tub style groundsheet, the Polestar still comes in below a kilo with a low pack size. There are just 8 pegs to accommodate and a short collapsible pole which props up the footbox.

Pitching inner and outer together, the Polestar can be up in minutes and is much more comfortable than other more basic shelters. By including two central seams along the tent’s ridge, Alpkit has created a roof to hang the inner tent off, so the Polestar feels much less enclosed. It provides plenty of room to sit up in, so with its two-layer construction, the Polestar is genuinely in a league of its own.

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