As English Campsites Re-Open, Kärcher Shares Tips on Getting Your Gear Ready

With the nation given the green light by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to book holidays in the UK this summer, the number of people set to embark on a ‘staycation’ is predicted to be in the millions.

However, before you enthusiastically pack up the car and set off, your camping gear may be in need of a little TLC after being stored in sheds and outbuildings since last summer (or even longer!). 

To help Brits get ready for their long-awaited holiday, Kärcher has released its top tips on how to get camping gear ready ahead of a trip out in the open air:

Tip 1) Give Your Tent a Deep Clean

It’s likely that your tent will need a deep clean before you head off on your adventure. Proper tent care and maintenance will go a long way in preserving your purchase. 

Shake your tent out to get rid of any loose dirt, grass or other materials that have been trapped inside. Using a handheld cleaner such as the KHB 5 Multi Jet will effectively remove dirt and cobwebs that have covered the tent. Additional accessories such as the KHB 5 Multi Jet washing brush or a thick microfibre cloth are practical tools and will help clean areas such as sensitive tent walls. Finally, you need to make sure your tent is fully dry before packing it up. Hang it up to dry somewhere that is out of direct sunlight as this can damage elements of the tent design. 

Tip 2) Wash Down Camping Equipment

For many of us, it’s not just our tent that goes uncleaned during the months of winter, meaning that it gathers up dust and cobwebs. Before you head off on your trip, get out all your equipment, such as folding chairs and tables, and check it’s all still functional. Next, give everything a quick clean. A high-pressure washer, such as the K 4 Full Control Pressure Washer, will ensure that all kit is thoroughly cleaned effectively and efficiently. 

The full control system on the Kärcher K 4 allows you to find the right pressure setting for different surfaces and prevents damaging delicate materials. When using the high-pressure washer, be sure to keep a minimum distance of 30 centimetres from the surface that you are cleaning. 

Tip 3) Deep Clean Your Cooking Utensils

It’s important to give your stove and cooking utensils a deep clean before you use them. This is a task that is often missed, but it’s important to remove any bacteria that may be on the surfaces.

Cooking utensils can be put in the dishwasher or soaked in some warm, soapy water. A steam cleaner such as the SC 2 Easyfix is a great way to remove tough grease and stubborn dirt from your stove. Kärcher steam cleaners use no chemicals and kill up to 99.99% of household bacteria using nothing but tap water. 

Tip 4) Pack the Essentials!

Even if the forecast is predicting very hot weather, it can get cold at night and the weather can change unexpectedly. It’s always best to be prepared and bring warm clothes and waterproofs. 

Batteries and first aid kits are also vital. It’s important to keep even minor cuts or scrapes clean and covered to prevent infection, and first aid kits should also contain other items like insect repellent and sunscreen which are useful to have with you. 

Tip 5) Stay Clean on the Campsite

When out camping, running water is not always available, so washing dishes quickly becomes a challenge. A water canister and a handy low-pressure cleaner such as the Kärcher Mobile Outdoor OC 3 Cleaner are great essentials for any camping trip. 

The portable cleaner is also easy to store in your car boot, with a 4-litre water tank and a 5-bar pressure that’s perfect for rinsing off dirt and mud from your bike, wellies or even the dog at the end of a dusty walk.