Alarm Call – motorhome owners miss savings by not taking simple security measures

A leading motoring insurance comparison website is recommending motorhome owners consider additional precautions to protect their vehicles and lower premiums.’s research, based on of over 28,000 policies, found that 87% of motorhome owners stated they did not have a tracker device fitted to the vehicle when applying for insurance.  Some insurers insist on adding a tracking device from an approved list of trackers, if vehicle value is estimated above £60,000.

54.5% of motorhome owners (13,020) said their vehicles did not have an alarm, yet most modern motorhomes are fitted with one as standard. It could be many some owners do not realise the full extent of the security features in their vehicle and the subsequent savings on insurance.

When they take to the road, motorhome owners are very much safety first. According to the data, the vast majority of motorhome owners drive safely with only 7% declaring a motoring conviction in the past five years.

Insurers also take into account the maturity of drivers in calculating premiums, and with an average age of 57 many policyholders will be considered safer, more experienced drivers than younger road users.’s data reveals UK motorhome owners bought their holiday vehicles for an average of £25,409 and more than 130 owners insured their motorhomes for over £100,000.

The analysis is based on a sample of over 28,000 UK policies compiled over two years from 2019-2020.

Responding to the research,’s founder Greg Wilson comments:  “Motorhomes are becoming increasingly popular and with the current pandemic grounding most flights for the foreseeable future, it is likely there will be a sharp rise in demand for motorhomes in 2021, as people explore the joys of staycations.

“My advice, especially if the world of motorhomes is new to you, is to double check the full extent of the security features on your vehicle and consider installing any upgrades needed.  Unlike other vehicles, if your motorhome gets stolen, it’s more than four wheels, it’s likely full of expensive and memorable items that help make it your home on the road.  It’s also your escape, your opportunity to have a holiday, so it needs to be protected.  Those who fit tracking devices have a much higher chance of relocating their stolen vehicle.

“From an insurance point of view, you need to make sure your details are accurate so that your policy is not void should you need to make a claim and also access any savings you might be entitled to.  Adding additional security measures such as trackers and alarms, can deter thieves and reduce your motorhome insurance premiums.”

Trackers cost from £60 to £500, with annual subscription not included, alarms can vary from £199 – £400.

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