3 Ways to Convince Your Camping-Phobic Friends to Join You

We all have that one friend who states that they will never go camping in their lives. No matter how many times we show them the luxurious conditions inside the tent, the beautiful vistas from walks around the campsite, or share with them the relaxing sensation of waking up in the middle of a field as dawn breaks. They still won’t come with us. An old survey taken by a holiday accessory company found that, out of 2,000 people, 90% found camping to be the least enjoyable type of break. But, is there a way to show off the wonders of the wilderness and to convince those camping cynics to pack up their sleeping bags and join us for a night under the stars?

Camping Challenge

For those competitive friends, you could turn going camping into something of a survival mission. In the vein of Bear Grylls or SAS: Who Dares Wins, camping could become a challenge – one that you will also be taking part in. By adding a competitive element to each aspect of the trip, those who might not feel the pull of the great outdoors could actually be convinced that they may, in fact, enjoy the excursion. Challenges could include putting up a tent in the quickest time, ones based on the hikes and treks from near the campsite, and, just for your own amusement, who can wake up and cook breakfast on the stove first!

Source: Unsplash

Camping Casino

The main reason many people are reluctant to open themselves up to the virtues of camping is because they see it as unstylish and unglamorous. So, take another kind of night you might have with friends – a casino night, for instance – and turn it into a camping getaway. The tent can be decked out with the various games – poker, blackjack, roulette – in compartments, and winners and losers can dole out the various tasks around the campsite. When the night draws in, you could even migrate to an online version, shared on a screen around you. The big list of deals here shows how many casino sites offer not only such a range of games, but are actively looking for new customers to sign up with their welcome bonuses. This could be perfect to convince those who don’t see the suave side of camping.

Camping in Style

Glamping arrived on the camping scene in the early 21st Century when people realised they wanted the escapism and back-to-nature aspects of camping but didn’t want the sleeping on the floor aspects. So, by crafting uber-luxurious tents, mod-cons such as hair dryers and kettles, and even heating, those who were opposed to camping were able to come around to the concept. And many perhaps realised that the best part of camping is unplugging from the outside world and becoming fully-fledged ‘outdoors’ people.  

Those in the know understand the virtues of camping and find nothing more relaxing and exciting than bedding down in a tent under the stars with the sounds of nature around them. Some people haven’t yet warmed up to this idea, so these ideas should help convince the naysayers to say yes to camping in the future.