Winter Adventures?  You need the Pocket Powerhouse!

Primus’ multi-award-winning Firestick offers exceptional performance in a pocket-sized package for winter adventures.

Days are getting darker and a chill can be felt in the air, there’s no denying that winter is coming. When exploring the great outdoors during the colder months, a hot drink or a warming cooked meal can make all the difference to your experience. Setting a new standard for compact outdoor stoves, the unique Firestick stove from Swedish outdoor-cooking expert, Primus, features a streamlined, ultra-packable silhouette that makes it easy for adventurers to ensure their stove is always within reach.

Cleverly engineered to make the stove as light and compact as possible, the three pot supports fold in around the burner and secure shut with a reassuring click mechanism to form a neat cylinder. This robust design protects the stove when packed and as there are no protruding parts, it is easy to slip into your backpack when exploring the great outdoors.

For precision cooking in varying weather conditions, the Firestick is equipped with Primus’ latest regulator valve. This adjusts the gas flow for optimum heat output in all conditions. As well as protecting the Firestick in transit, the clever design of the fold-out pot-supports provide great wind protection when the stove is in use, as well as a sturdy structure for cooking. The 2,500W high-performance burner also generates a narrow flame – ideal for windy conditions and when cooking with smaller, backpacking pots.

The stove comes with a custom-designed wool storage pouch that doubles up as a pot holder to protect your hands when cooking. A separate Piezo igniter reliably lights the stove with the click of a button in all weather conditions.

The Primus Firestick weighs just 105g but backpackers looking to save as much weight as possible can opt for an even-lighter titanium version which is 16g lighter at 89g.

Any winter adventurer will know that cold temperatures can have a massive impact on your stove’s performance, due to reduced pressure inside your gas cartridge. If sub-zero conditions are on your agenda, Primus recommends pairing the Firestick with its innovative and award-winning Winter Gas. Offering optimum performance in temperatures as low as -22°C, this innovative solution features a highly absorbent paper called Vapour Mesh™ inside the gas-cartridge. This increases the surface area on which the liquid fuel can evaporate into a gas state from, providing higher internal pressure, more available fuel and faster boil-times in low temperatures.

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