Primus Launches a new Adventure Essential

A good camping stove is an essential for any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a camping novice or an experienced outdoor cook, the new Essential Trail Stove from Swedish stove supremos, Primus, is sure to become a piece of kit that you won’t want to head out into nature without. A great all-rounder, this European-made, lightweight stove is easy to use, offers great value for money and packs a punch with a power output of 2,500W.

Equipped with Primus’ patented Laminar Flow Burner Technology, the Essential Trail Stove is compact and sturdy as it is less tall and therefore more stable than other stoves in its class due to its lower centre of gravity. For complete control when cooking, this new stove also features Primus’ latest advanced regulator valve which allows you to adjust the gas flow with more precision than ever before. This makes simmering food on the hills an easy task as you can ensure the stove is producing the optimum heat-output in varying temperatures. 

The fixed pot supports are designed to provide integrated wind protection for the flame and the absence of fiddly, foldable parts mean the stove is durable, simple to operate and always ready to use, making it a great option for novice cooks. As the widest part of the stove and featuring a serrated surface, the robust pan supports accommodate a variety of different sized pans and ensures a stable base for your pans when cooking.

Following customer feedback, the design team at Primus opted to use manual ignition for this new stove as it allows for various lighting options to suit every ability and personal taste. However, to provide a solution for those who prefer the ease of piezo ignition over dealing with matches that can break or lighters that go out in windy weather, Primus have introduced a new Piezo Igniter (available separately). This super handy gadget ignites the flame at the click of a button and can be used while wearing gloves, so you can keep warm and light your stove whatever the weather.

For those in need of a complete cooking set, the Essential Trail Kit is a great option as it combines everything you need to cook meals in the great outdoors in one compact package – Primus’ Essential Trek Pot 1.0L and the Essential Trail Stove. The Essential Trek Pot 1.0L is made from lightweight aluminium, so it won’t weigh you down, and the lid can be used as a frying pan thanks to a ceramic coating on the inside which ensures easy cooking and cleaning. The main pot is big enough to hold both the Essential Trail Stove and a 230g gas canister when not in use, providing an easy to pack bundle, and the removable pot handle secures everything in place when in transit.

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