Editor Lisa Baker couldn’t choose between the sofa brands, so made the ultimate sacrifice, bought one of each and tested them in her garden for an overnight stay in the small but beautifully formed Texel 400.

When it comes to camping sofas, forget an old plastic inflatable sofa that goes down in five minutes flat and on average lasts a few trips – and yes, we’ve all had them.

These days, Outwell and Outdoor Revolution are redefining inflatable camping furniture, taking it to a smart new level, with classy fabric covers and fantastic performance, even in hot weather. Looks wise, there isn’t a lot to choose between them, although the Canpese set now features Outdoor Revolution logos.

The Outdoor Revolution Set

Here’s the stats for each – as you can see, they are pretty similar, and both come in an attractive shade of grey with only a minor variant in colour -something even less noticeable in the flesh. If they aren’t touching you could mistake them as being part of the same set.

Check out the specs:


Fabric: 100% polyester

Frame: inflatable PVC

Size: 170 x 83 x 74 cm (WxDxH)

Max load: 250 kg

Seat Height: 37 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Price: £199 (Newquay Camping)


Fabric: 420-Denier Polyester Cover

Frame: inflatable PVC

SIZE: 160 x 85 x 75 (WxDxH)

Max Load: 240kg

Seat Height: 38 cm

Weight: 7.3 kg

Price: £99 (Newquay Camping)

Looks-wise, there isn’t a whole lot to choose between these two, other than the Campese logo. Weight wise the only difference is the pump – Outwell comes with a built in pump, whereas the Campese requires an air pump. Spec wise, that’s really the only major difference.

We also bought the matching footstools, and the Outwell footstool is considerably bigger, however, inflating the footstool requires connecting it to the sofa, which is fiddly and while it’s not too onerous in the garden, would really wind me up if we were in the outdoors.

Style and Comfort

When inflated, the Outwell has a much smoother look than the Campese, which reveals the tell tale shape of ribbed air beams – but these make it slightly comfier to sit on. However, we initially had the Outwell on firm. Switching to plush setting on the Outwell gave comparable comfort – word of warning, Outwell’s firm setting is not that comfy!

The Overnight Test

Both sofas were left up over 2 days and nights in temperatures of thirty degrees. Neither sofa went down, although the Outwell footstool went down a little bit. To be honest I was very pleasantly impressed by both and seeing as I own both, I would buy both again!!!

The Verdict

Well – if you were hoping to have your mind made up for you, I’m sorry because there isn’t a clear winner, both of these are star performers and I’d be happy to sit on either.

We have 2 Campese sofas and one Outwell, so Outwell is our short haul set up and Campese is now long haul…. but to be honest, if we are going in the Bergen with extension and vestibule, we will probably take all 3.

If you are on a budget, even if you have to buy a pump (ours was £11.99 in Tesco), you definitely won’t be disappointed with the Campese and it doesn’t feel at all like the poor relation, they are a comparable product.

As for Outwell – if you are an Outwell fan (and hands up, I am!) and have plenty of patience, I got mine in Winter for about £150 after discount in the Camping World sale last September. Whichever you buy, you won’t be disappointed.

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