Ed Sheeran was named the celebrity that Brits would most like to take a road trip with, in an independent study released today.

The study was commissioned by Budget Car Rental UK, who have revealed the list of the UK’s most favoured celebrity travel buddies – as well as those we’d rather avoid (sorry Piers Morgan!)

The leading mobility provider conducted an independent, European-wide survey to discover who we would most like to travel with on a long car journey, with hit-maker Ed Sheeran topping the list amongst British respondents – and Piers Morgan proved the most unpopular.  Here’s how the celebs fared:


UK Top Ten Best Road Trip Companions

1 Ed Sheeran
2 Will Smith
3 James Cordon
4 Peter Kay
5 The Queen
6 Elvis Presley
7 Prince Harry
8 Michael Jackson
9 Beyonce
10 Kim Kardashian

UK Top Ten Worst Road Trip Companions

Of course, as well as the favourites, respondents were asked who they wouldn’t give up that precious front seat for… Kim Kardashian seemed to be the most controversial, coming 10th best companion, but second only to Piers Morgan in the ‘worst-companion list!’  Maybe the ‘Heart-throb’ filmstar Johnny Depp is losing his status, as he just about crept into the top 10 worst travel companions list.

1 Piers Morgan
2 Kim Kardashian
3 Justin Bieber
4 Katie Hopkins
5 Jeremy Clarkson
6 Kanye West
7 Cristiano Ronaldo
8 Gemma Collins
9 Paris Hilton
10 Johnny Depp

The company also asked our European neighbours the same question, with surprisingly similar results.

European Results

Across Europe, results largely reflected those of the UK, although Jump in my Car crooner David Hasselhoff was an unsurprising hit in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, ranking in the top ten in each location. Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton and Johnny Depp were much less popular in mainland Europe, featuring near the bottom of the list across most countries surveyed.

Best parts of the journey

As part of a wider initiative to identify the most enjoyable and sometimes stressful moments of our journeys, Budget Car Rental conducted a European-wide study ahead of the peak summer period to help understand what the public love and loath about long car trips.

Alongside the celebrity wish list, the survey also uncovered what Brits love the most about travelling by car on vacation. Most (47%) are enamoured by the surroundings and sightseeing, while 32% simply enjoy the journey itself, and 29% appreciate the flexibility and freedom in their plans that car travel gives them.

“At Budget UK we always put our customers first. Undertaking a survey of this size really helps us to identify how we can make travel experiences more enjoyable and maximise the time spent on a well-deserved vacation. The summer is a peak time for car rentals. Whilst we can’t promise that Ed Sheeran will be waiting for customers when they collect their keys, we do offer a number of tools and services to help get people from point A to B as quick and conveniently as possible,” said Nina Bell, Managing Director of Avis Budget Group for the UK and Scandinavia, and Zipcar UK.

“With passengers saying they most enjoy the freedom of the open road we provide a wide range of vehicles in our fleet to help make the journey more comfortable for long drives. We also offer a number of extras available upon booking to cater for all journey types, including Satellite Navigation (Sat-Nav), in car Wi-Fi, as well as roof and surf racks for more adventure travellers.”

For more information about booking with Budget UK, visit www.budget.co.uk.

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