Caravanning culture gets a bad press among motorists, not helped by Top Gear blowing them up for entertainment. You could be forgiven for thinking they are used by old, retired people and families, and nobody in between.

However, the Mogo Freedom, launched two years ago, is challenging that status with a simple, functional design that turns the concept on his head.

Designers Matjaz Korosec and Ross Design from Germany were inspired by the adage ‘less is more’ and have created an indoor/outdoor camp space that is as versatile as the owners want it to be!

Conceived after a period of downsizing, Korosec started looking for alternative, cost effective solutions that would enable taking holidays regardless of economic constraints. He and his family wanted to enjoy all the benefits of camping, but without the accompanying rigmarole.

The Koresec family are keen outdoor enthusiasts – however, the challenges of transporting bicycles, kayaks, kites and all manner of equipment easily and safely in their new downsized vehicle made a traditional caravan unsuited to the job.

However, Korosec is no ordinary camper – he has considerable experience working for some of the biggest names in the caravan industry, including Coachman, Fleetwood and Adria UK. Korosec set to work, designing a light, airy, flexible space on wheels that would completely break the mould – it is almost the equivalent of reinventing the wheel.

The unit is visually appealing, effortlessly blending a traditional caravan shape with modern styling.

It is very strong, but incredibly light. Strong yet light, compact but deceptively spacious, and with a maximum load weight of 750kg, there is no need for a driver’s towing licence or a vehicle with an engine size exceeding 1.0 L. With such diminutive proportions, the Mogo Freedom is stored with ease inside the average domestic sized garage.

How did they achieve such lightness?

The unit core is constructed using ultra modern, super lightweight Banova® Balsa wood from renewable eco plantations, backed up with lightweight interior design crafted from newly developed plastics which give strength, thermal insulation and impact resistance.

The specially designed tools and lamination technique by German producer Vöhringer introduced a new level of water ingress protection and durability previously not seen in the caravan industry.

One thing is clear, this ‘tentavan’ may not weigh much, but it isn’t a ‘lightweight’.

During the assembly all parts are bonded. All seams and door-frames are toughened with brushed aluminium for added protection and durability – this van is designed to stand up to the challenges of the great outdoors… and talking of the outdoors, the Mogo Freedom is equipped with a fantastic mobile kitchen for outdoor chefs and a prolonged supply of electrical power – so you will be able to cook and charge your mobile phone!

The mobile kitchen was invented by Joe Baughman, a camping enthusiast from Leeds, Utah, USA. During a camping trip to the picturesque, yet remote, Lake Powell, he became desperate to consolidate all epicurean gear into one kitchen unit. He patented the Grub Hub, a new compact system that is an outdoor workstation with tables, counter, a place for a stove, a lighting stand and of course the kitchen sink.

Good food goes with good music and music needs power- although with this level of freedom you may not be on a site with electric hook ups.

For this reason, the Mogo Freedom is powered by an environmentally sound solar panel. Hubi is crystalline solar panel that transfers light during the day into direct current electricity stored in the Lithium battery. The stored power can then be accessed through 12 Volt outlet, two USB chargers or enjoyed in the form of LED lights.

A single 10 Amper hour (Ah) Lithium battery with a 20 watt peak (wp) crystalline solar panel powers a laptop for 8 hours, charges a tablet 8 times, or a smart phone 15 times. Even in ever changing British weather conditions, the battery is fully charged in 7-10 hours using 20 wp capacity solar panel. –

Mogo Freedom is the most exciting camping alternative for active, digital-native camping enthusiasts who would like to spend time pursuing their outdoor activities instead of spending time setting up tents and kitchens. The Mogo Freedom promotes a lifestyle based on saving resources, providing limitless movement, free of all modern day restrictions. Regardless of chosen motivation, the Mogo Freedom allows users the opportunity to indulge themselves in whatever outdoor activity they wish to engage in.

The creator describes it as ‘making camping cool. Here at CampinginBritain, we’d just call it a damn good idea, excuted to perfection!

Key features:

Two wing doors – opening at either side for full access
Built in storage space compartments
Braked unit on AL-KO® chassis
350kg – unladen weight
750kg – maximum gross weight
Fits into standard British single car garage: H195cm x W191cm x L370cm
The height of living quarters grows to 205cm when wing door opens
Mogo expands to 381cm when both wing doors open
Retractable double bed comfortably sleeps two: W117 cm x L 211 cm

Patented Grub Hub Kitchen unit with sink and counter
Hubi solar panel with Lithium battery, 12V, 2 USB, and 2 LED lights
Custom vinyl awning with 2 doors and prolonged window