How to Save Money at the Caravan

According to Verdant Leisure’s Travel Trend Report for 2024, 47% of survey respondents were hoping to book a caravan holiday for a domestic escape. It’s a long-standing holiday tradition in Great Britain for families to explore new places throughout the country and with the cost of living continuing to be a concern for holidaymakers, it’s a fantastic alternative to going abroad.

There are some added costs associated with caravan holidays such as activities onsite as well as amenities, but with some strategic approaches to planning your trip, you can make some memories without straining your wallet. Here are some top money-saving tips for caravan holidays.

Supplying your own gear

The onsite activities available at caravan parks offer lots of variety but rental fees can be hugely impactful to holiday budgets. Whether you’re going on a cycling trail or kayaking, holiday parks will have the equipment for you, but why not explore bringing your own with you?

Ben Mercer of Leisure Lakes Bikes is a huge advocate of bringing your own equipment for activities with you on holiday: “By taking your bike on holiday with you, whether it’s to a caravan park or abroad, you’re both avoiding fees for rentals and also getting the most out of the activities using equipment that’s familiar to you. Plus, if you’re an electric bike owner, they’re often not available for rent at holiday parks, so you’ll be able to guarantee you have one if you need it.”

It’s not just big things like bikes and kayaks either. For those taking our little ones away for the holidays, keeping them entertained is paramount. Rather than relying on the hope that local shops supply board games, books, or balls to throw around, bringing your own can help reduce boredom in the time between bigger activities.

Budget-friendly alternatives – explore nearby options

Many caravan parks have convenient dining and activity options to reduce the stress of researching what’s available in the local area. While this is fantastic for taking the weight away from the stress of holiday planning, the additional costs can add up quickly.

Exploring options in nearby towns can help you find affordable eats dotted around where you’re staying, with local markets and shops supplying ingredients to cook for yourself and save money!

Make the most of your caravan resources

Following on from saving money on restaurants, make the most of the resources available to you in the caravan by preparing your own meals for you and your family. Planning meals in advance and bringing ingredients with you that can be reworked into multiple different dishes means you can maximise your savings while minimising the waste you create.

Plus, adding snacks and refillable water bottles makes activities where you’re away from the caravan site exploring the nearby sites and adventures easier. Whether you’re on a walking trail, on a river in a kayak, or on your bikes, having light bites and drinks to keep your energy up also means you’re not buying additional snacks that you find on your travels.

Embracing the caravan lifestyle

At the end of the day, making the most of the freedom and flexibility that caravan holidays offer helps to draw you away from spending money on the amenities offered onsite. Take in the simplicity that’s available to you, from stargazing in the evening or getting involved with barbeques and marshmallow roasting if your site offers grills for use.

Plus, it gives you an opportunity to be social and engage with others around you. Every holidaymaker at your site will have their own experiences and tips on how to save money while being at the caravan. You’ll be surprised by the wealth of knowledge and camaraderie within the caravan community, making your holiday experience even more enriching.

Caravan holidays are a great opportunity to get away from everyday life for a cost-effective holiday, and by prioritising budgeting your adventure, you can really bring down how much you’re spending while away.