Homesitting Benefits: survey reveals cost savings and adventure opportunities

Leading home and pet sitting company and winners of the SME Best Home & Pet Sitting Company 2024 – UK, Homesitters Ltd, conducted a survey amongst its homesitters, revealing that 66% have saved money on their utility bills due to being away from home on assignments for extended periods.

Additionally, 28% of homesitters prefer winter assignments, noting that being away for several weeks during the colder months results in significant energy bill savings—just one of the many benefits of homesitting.


Ben Irvine, Director of Operations at Homesitters Ltd, says: “Homesitters not only enjoy savings from reduced energy usage but also receive daily food allowances and travel expenses to and from assignments. This additional income is particularly appealing during the costly winter months and amid a cost-of-living crisis.”


Homesitting also serves as a financial cushion: 12% of homesitters have increased their assignments to ease financial pressures, and 20% use homesitting to supplement their pensions.

Many people approaching retirement seek a balance between work, leisure, and staying active. The survey found that 70% of retired homesitters engage in this role to keep busy and find purpose, while 77% appreciate the escape from daily life’s hustle and bustle.

For some, the love of pets is a major motivation, with 62% home & pet sitting for this reason. Adventure and travel are also key factors, with 75% enjoying the exploration of new areas, and 32% loving the opportunity to stay in beautiful homes.

The respondents also shared their top tips for successful homesitting: 70% emphasised the importance of asking lots of questions to clients in preliminary meetings and having a detailed plan of local activities. A love of animals and sturdy walking boots are also considered essential, as half of the homesitters recommended these for exploring new areas.


Other advice includes researching the breed or type of pet you’ll be caring for (37%), bringing pre-prepared meals (25%), and packing a good book (27%) to enhance the experience. Home & pet sitting is a wonderful way to enjoy pets without the long-term commitment, offering retirees the flexibility they desire.


Homesitters Ltd stands out because all its homesitters are employed by the company, ensuring professional support and reliability. Many homesitters choose to work with them due to this comprehensive support and assurance.


Ben adds, “Our homesitters are the backbone of our business. We provide them with all the necessary support, information, and assurance they need during assignments. This level of support is also reassuring for our clients, knowing they are getting fully vetted and reliable homesitters.

“We have been in business since 1980, building our reputation on having happy clients and homesitters. We operate throughout the UK and are always looking for new home and pet sitters to join our dedicated team.”


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