Demand for off-grid motorhome products soars

The new breed of motorhome enthusiasts are opting for long-life lithium batteries and solar panels as they seek off-grid adventures, an industry expert has revealed.

James Prime, Technical Manager at luxury motorhome dealership Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld in Stafford, said there had been a noticeable shift towards customers looking for upgrades which allow them to spend more time away from campsites.

James said: “People want to have an adventure. A new, younger generation came into motorhoming during Covid and they have remained within the sector even though other holiday options are now possible again.

“They often have young families and they want to go into the wild rather than pitching up at established campsites for the full duration of their break.

“For that reason, we’ve seen a real trend towards lithium batteries and solar panels.

“Many vehicles are also being made with higher wheels, which improve their off-road capabilities.

“The new HYMER Venture S has really tapped into this market of off-grid adventures, which is why it has caused so much of a stir.”

A standard lead acid battery lasts around 350 cycles and needs to be replaced every three years on average. A good quality lithium battery, meanwhile, can be recharged around 3,500 times and can last between seven and 10 years.

More importantly for the adventurous motorhomer, some lead acid batteries can only discharge up to 30-50% of their capacity, whereas a top-end lithium battery will continue to work down to one per cent of its charge, meaning it can be used for much longer periods before being recharged.

“That means motorhomes with lithium batteries can go off-grid for much longer periods of time,” said James. “They also weigh much less at around 9kg which allows you to carry much more equipment, which is important to hikers and bikers.

“Entry level lithium batteries are around £1,000 compared up to £500 for a lead acid battery, but the increased lifespan can make it a sound investment for many.”

Solar panel technology has also progressed rapidly in recent years, with the best capable of powering all appliances in the motorhome.

James added: “Solar panels are one of the most requested accessories these days as the technology means, for the first time, they offer a viable alternative to hooking up on a campsite.

“The motorhome and leisure vehicle industry has always adapted to the changing needs of customers and it’s exciting to see where the trends will head in the years to come.”

Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld has more than 40 years of heritage and has the largest array of premium German brand motorhomes in the UK market, including Carado, Dethleffs, HYMER and Niesmann + Bischoff  vehicles.

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