CampWild introduces Wild Trails to the UK

Multi-day, self-guided hiking trails traverse remote locations, incorporating wild camping, to experience the true spirit of adventure

CampWild, the pioneering project dedicated to enabling accessible and adventurous camping experiences, is excited to officially announce the launch of Wild Trails at the National Outdoor Expo on 23-24 March 2024.

Taking inspiration from the established hiking trails of North America and Canada, Wild Trails are set over multiple days and traverse some of the UK’s last remaining remote wilderness locations. Initially, three Wild Trails have launched that span an incredible 12,000-acre Scottish Highland estate, in Perthshire, owned by CampWild’s host partner, Oxygen Conservation.

Designed to cater for all levels of experience, participants will be fully immersed in soaking up diverse landscapes, wildlife, habitats, geology, history, and conservation efforts.

Undertaking a self-guided Wild Trail will not only help to boost confidence in navigating the great outdoors, but promote physical and mental wellbeing, while providing an immense sense of accomplishment upon completion.

“Wild Trails offer the opportunity to explore an area so wild it transports you to another world entirely,” confirms Tom Backhouse, co-founder of CampWild. “Wild Trails will blow your mind, instil gratitude, change perspectives, challenge you, reconnect you to nature, make you laugh, leave you in awe, slow you down and etch a lasting memory that we promise you will never, ever forget!”

Working with Ordnance Survey, the meticulously crafted CampWild’s Trail Maps serve as comprehensive guides for planning and preparation, while connecting adventurers to the terrain around them. They not only navigate participants through the landscape but also double as journals to capture cherished memories along the way.

Adds Tom: “If you are looking for a complete escape to untapped, remote wildness, the Wild Trails are for you. We have mapped and walked each Trail and the experiences from each are truly etched in our memories; we are so excited to now launch the Wild Trails to the CampWild community and encourage more people to ‘go wilder’ in 2024!”

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