Why Your Next Bestie Date Should Be Camping or Glamping

There’s nothing quite like getting away with your BFF and spending some quality time together. Whether it’s a night out or a weekend away, sometimes it’s great to just wind down in each other’s company in a different environment or try new things with your best friend at your side. If you’re stuck for ideas for your next adventure, here’s why you might want to consider a camping (or glamping) trip for your next bestie getaway!

The Benefits of Camping

There are many great reasons to go camping. One of the biggest benefits is being outdoors in nature. Research has shown that being outside around plants and trees helps to improve mood and reduce stress levels. It also helps us feel more connected to others and boosts creativity.

Camping can also increase our Vitamin D levels thanks to the increased exposure to natural light, which is vital for teeth and bone health and for helping our immune systems fight illness. The natural light we’re exposed to when camping or glamping can also improve sleep and help to reset our body clocks.

Maybe You’d Prefer Glamping

Camping is all about stripping back and living with just the bare essentials but for those who prefer a little more than the basics, glamping can be a great alternative. Short for ‘glamorous camping’, glamping offers many of the benefits of camping but with an added touch of luxury.

Unlike camping, when you’ll need to bring all your provisions and pitch a tent, with glamping you’ll usually arrive at the site to find your accommodation ready for you, whether that’s a yurt, tree house, safari tent, or a cabin. You’ll typically have a bed and other amenities, such as hot and cold running water and a designated space to prepare and eat meals.

Glamping has more of a ‘home from home’ feel to it and is ideal if you’re new to camping and not sure you’re ready to rough it! Of course, you’ll still need to pack all your glamping essentials, such as comfy clothing, a power bank for charging your phone, and a Bluetooth speaker to set the mood!

Best Locations in the UK and Abroad

If you’re planning a camping trip here in the UK, there are plenty of great glamping spots for your staycation. Most camping and glamping sites are in the countryside or on the coast, offering you the opportunity to experience life at a different pace and explore somewhere new from a fresh perspective. Be sure to fully immerse yourself and prepare for your holiday in style with savings on travelling with group discounts and making the most of the adventure with travel magazines and games as they say, the journey is sometimes the best bit.

If you and your bestie are looking for somewhere further afield, there are some excellent camping and glamping spots abroad too. France is a popular choice among campers, as are neighbouring countries Belgium, Germany, and Spain. You might also consider Croatia, Denmark, or Portugal, for their camping and glamping opportunities.