Return of the Camping Sofa – We Try Out Outwell’s Laze Sofa Set ahead of the 2024 season

Well, following our review of the camping sofa battles between Outwell and Outdoor Revolution’s grey camping sofas, it seems that fellow campers share our passion for a bit of comfort on the campsite… because it continues to be our most popular review ever written!

Welcome to the Outwell Laze Collection

Outerll has introduced a new contender to the camping sofa championship, and it’s well worth a look.  We got a sneak peek and are trying it out in our spare room, in preparation for a comfy spot in the caravan awning later this year.  Here’s what’s in the box:

Manufacturers Image

The Outwell Laze set, available from Outwell direct for £254.99 is perhaps the closest you will find in size to your living room sofa, with a cozy chair and footrest to match (and there’s already the first debate in our house, who gets to lie with their feet up on the sofa and who gets the chair with the footrest?)

Actually, it doesn’t matter because both are pretty damn comfortable.  The generous arm/headrest are well positioned, making you feel very well supported, and while it is every bit as comfy on the rear end as the more expensive Lake Huron sofa, the support from this one is superior, the curve around your body is almost like a big green hug.

Outwell Laze Furniture dimensions:

Sofa: 175 x 80 x 70 cm (WxDxH),

Chair: 100 x 80 x 70 cm (WxDxH),

Ottoman: 73 x 55 x 37 cm (WxDxH) (though it’s not actually what I’d call an ottoman, which I always think of something you can store stuff in.  It’s either a footstool, extra seating or an inflatable fabric table dependent on your preference, either way it’s a nice size)

It’s pretty painless to inflate, and while you can deflate using the pump, with all our sofas we just open the valves before we go to bed on the last night, it’s perfectly flat and ready to roll away by morning.

How does the Outwell Laze set compare to other inflatable camping sofas?

Now, looks wise, don’t get me wrong, the covers are nice, not quite as smart-looking  as Outdoor Revolution and Outwell’s grey offerings, but this is an attractive looking set, and lets be honest, you are buying for comfort and this definitely does the job – and I’d say more comfortably thanks to the shape of the arms.

It doesn’t come with a built-in pump like it’s pricier brother, but as you can pick up a mains pump from around the £10 mark in most supermarkets that’s no biggie – and it won’t take up so much space in the car.

Reviews for the set have been consistently high since the set launched and there seems to be agreement among the camping community that this set is great value for money – and if you only want the sofa, you can pick it up separately for a very reasonable £112.99 at SK Camping. So, now our camping days are over, will this be the sofa that makes it to our caravan awning instead this summer?

Maybe not – but for the best of reasons.  We like it so much we’ve decided to keep it up for gaming in the spare room.   Maybe we’ll take the two old grey ones away in the caravan (yep, both are still going strong and in vgc!)

We’ll decide nearer camping season, but whatever we decide, we love this set and are happy to recommend it – and also happy to confirm this article, like our earlier one, is not sponsored in any way and based on our own purchase and use of the set!