Statistics: Brits Genuinely Love Camping

Recent statistics show that almost half of Brits take a camping trip at least annually, and that’s despite the good old British weather making tent life somewhat unpredictable. We take a look at the numbers.

If you’re on our website already then you do not need convincing that it’s an incredible past time, an amazing way to unwind and a brilliant means of connecting with nature.

But despite the weather challenges that our often-rainier-than-we-would-like summers present, you are not the only one who loves to pack up, pitch up and make a break for a camping trip.

Recent UK camping statistics highlight that over 42% of people in the UK go camping at least once per year. And there are some who are much keener than that too!

  • 1 in 25 Brits camps at least once per month on average
  • The average (mean) number of times Brits go camping is 1.58 across all ages and genders
  • But if we split it by men and women, it’s the men who camp more (2.22 times per year vs 0.96 times per year)

Young People Are Keener Campers

We loved sifting through the numbers here, particularly around age. The age group that goes camping most often in the UK is those aged between 25 and 34 years. They go camping an average of 2.79 times each year, closely followed by those aged 16 to 24 (2.53) and then those aged 35 to 44 years (1.96 times).

And by the time we reach the 55 years and over age category, the average number of camping trips per year drops to 0.54.

Camping Hot Spots in the UK

The study also looked at the most in demand places in the UK for a spot of camping. The clear winner was the Lake District and it’s easy enough to see why – spectacular makes, incredibly beautiful mountains and plenty to do. So despite the notoriously wet weather Cumbria brings with it, it seems plenty of us are pitching up in the Lakes.

Other Quick Camping Facts from the Study

Let’s round up with a few other fascinating quick facts from that study:

  1. 4 man tents are the most commonly searched for size
  2. Over 450,000 searches are made each month in the UK for “campsites” on average
  3. This peaks in July. In fact, in July 2022, there were over 1 million searches for “campsites” in Google UK

The pandemic saw staycations of all types booming as overseas travel was difficult or, in some cases, entirely impossible. But it looks as though the camping boom is here to stay. The camping market in the UK is reportedly worth £2.83 billion right now, up from 2019’s £2.2 billion figure.

For the enthusiasts amongst us, it may mean busier campsites and booking further in advance. But isn’t amazing to see more people than ever before pitching their tents, enjoying a budget break, and getting outside more – whatever weather the British summer throws at us.