Caravanning and Camping: Are They Set For a Comeback in 2021?

By Caoimhe McGonagoe for Motor Movers Direct

It’s safe to say that the events that occurred in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic were something so unprecedented that no one could prepare for them. With travel bans imposed across the globe, and the UK introducing social distancing guidelines, many industries including travel and tourism and hospitality suffered greatly as a result.

This meant that those who would typically holiday internationally had to opt for UK vacations instead, and as a result of this, the UK saw a huge spike in people looking for caravanning and camping holidays within the country.

The caravan as we know it was first introduced in the 1880’s, and since then has been relevantly popular. The industry contributes more than £9.3 billion to holiday parks and campsites every year, and currently employs over 130,000 all across the UK.

However, with the world the way it is, and travel restrictions in every country, interest for the pastime has skyrocketed within the last eight months – since May 2020. In addition to this, the recent trend of ‘staycations’ has also added to the increasing demand for this type of holiday.

Caravanning and Google Search Trends

In fact, data collected through Google search trends revealed that the topics “caravan” and “camping” have been at their highest this year. Furthermore, in July 2020, the data also showed that interest was 56% higher than it was in the previous year. (July 2019)

When we look at this data more closely, we can see that those who were searching online for these terms were also asking questions such as, “when will caravan parks open?” and “how are caravan parks responding to Coronavirus?”

Alongside this, there was a huge spike in interest for queries such as, “caravan for sale,” “caravan holidays,” and “caravan insurance.”

What the Data Tells Us

The data corroborates the recent spike of interest into the caravan and camping industry. Although Google search terms for the adventurous pastime have decreased slightly during the winter months, we can still see the growing trend, and predict that this will rise again coming into the warmer months.

Furthermore, with the future of travel still uncertain and two week isolation periods imposed for those who do travel, many people are steering away from the typical ‘sunny holiday’ and are instead looking into staycations across the UK.

All of this poses the question, ‘will caravanning and camping make a comeback in 2021?’

The Future of Caravanning

According to the NCC, it is estimated that there are around 555,000 touring caravans, 365,000 caravan holiday homes and a further 255,000 motorhomes currently in the UK. However, with the pastime becoming a more viable and appealing option to people residing within the UK, it could be suggested that this number will gradually begin to rise.

In fact, caravan accessory company, Motor Movers Direct has seen a firsthand demand for the products they sell. Jonny a spokesperson for the company says, “Over the last few months we have seen a rising demand for caravan and motorhome accessories, which suggests to us that there has been an even greater demand for the vehicles themselves. Many of these customers have been first time buyers, just beginning their journey into the world of camping and caravanning.”