The Top Three Road Trip Destinations in the Summer

The summer months are close at hand, and not a moment too soon. With the clearing-up of the UK’s dismal weather, holiday plans can begin in earnest – particularly those that take in the best of the great British outdoors.

Camping, caravanning and otherwise exploring the UK’s rural delights are by no means niche pursuits; before the coronavirus pandemic, around 10 million camping trips were indulged annually in the UK. With rising inflation making more extravagant holidays more difficult to budget, a new generation are also about to fall in love with the simple joys of the open road. If you have your own designs on a road trip around the UK’s best, where should you go? Let’s explore three of the best road trip destinations in the UK this summer.

The Lake District


A large majority of people in the UK will have some form of childhood memory attached to the Lake District. The Lake District National Park is a supremely popular domestic destination, on account of its incredible natural landscapes and the ease of access to beautiful rural locales. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who hadn’t spent a weekend of childhood roaming the shores of Lake Windermere or enjoying a residential field trip in the quietude of Ullswater.

It is understandable, then, that the National Park is such a popular area for road-tripping. Twisty roads track up and down the mountains that define its landscape, and around the glacier lakes carved into it; each turn reveals a new vista, and every location is its own perfect place to stop – whether to camp or just to admire the view.



Across the border into the north-west of Wales, there is another sprawling national park that constitutes a major playground for road-tripping enthusiasts: Snowdonia. The park is so named for Mount Snowdon, Wales’ highest mountain, around which over 800 square miles of mountainous landscape beg to be explored.

Here, though, the roads are a little less tidy than the well-kept B-roads of the Lake District. This can make for a more exciting journey, but also one that can exact a heavier toll on your car; a basic car service before you head out would be a wise decision to make. The reward, though, is an extensive and unspoiled trip that opens up the best of Welsh nature to you.

The North Coast 500

The North Coast 500 is a specific route, and one which precedes itself. This route is a circuit of the Scottish Highlands, so named for both its prodigious length and the amount of Scotland’s north shores that the route takes in.

This expansive road trip is one best taken slowly and with care, not only for safety of travel but also to savour every destination you pass on this formidable circuit. John O’Groats, Glenmorangie, Achmelvich and the Black Isle are a mere handful of the highland destinations you’ll touch; just be sure to bring both sunscreen and warm clothes to make the most of each one!